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Support Wendover – How Florida Got So Weird – Main Channel ► Xem trực tiếp MỖI NGÀY ► Hasan Piker không sở hữu kênh này. Đây là kênh dành cho người hâm mộ về nội dung từ luồng twitch của Hasan. Bài hát kết thúc – Pfp Artist – Nếu bạn sở hữu bản quyền của nội dung được hiển thị trong video này và muốn xóa nội dung đó, vui lòng liên hệ với tôi theo địa chỉ hasanabiindustries@gmail.com #reacts #HasanAbi #HasanPiker #twitch #florida #wendover

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How Florida Got So Weird | HasanAbi Reacts
How Florida Got So Weird | HasanAbi Reacts

Bên cạnh việc khám phá tin tức về How Florida Got So Weird | HasanAbi Reacts mà bạn đang tìm kiếm này thì bạn có thể xem và đọc thêm nhiều chuyên mục khác mà CeladonCity cập nhật hàng ngày ngay dưới đây nhé !!

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#Florida #Weird #HasanAbi #Reacts.

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How Florida Got So Weird | HasanAbi Reacts.

sit down a strange dog run to you.

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44 thoughts on “How Florida Got So Weird | HasanAbi Reacts | Tất tần tật các thông tin về sit down a strange dog run to you mới cập nhật

  1. Knolsey says:

    i spent 15 years as a touring musician, playing all over america, europe, asia and australia. all of my least favorite places were in America, but none of them matched the sheer shittiness of Florida and New York.

  2. Mark Maurer says:

    I guarantee it's lead poisoning. I don't think it's in Florida's waters, but it's in the brains of people who move to Florida… And if you've got lead on the brain, the only people who will tolerate living next to you or people who have lead on their brains

  3. Jumpin Joe says:

    On hookworm: "Children's physical and cognitive growth may be affected." – Wikipedia. A parasitic eaten brain plus heavy drug use makes the Florida stories sound probable

  4. Denise says:

    I live near the villages. It's provided a TON of employment to people from the surrounding areas that are otherwise rural and pretty much without work.

  5. LOOMPY says:

    I literally was waken up by my partners mean ass grandma talking crap to my partner about how I “sleep in too late” on the phone. She’s currently at her vacation home in Florida- except what she conveniently forgets is, I’m in a different effing time zone! florida stupidity effects us all.

  6. LPS_Angel _Daschund says:

    I live in fl and I seriously considered going to Flagler. a bit glad I decided not to though—the campus is absolutely gorgeous but I heard st augustine is pretty conservative. although that’s almost everywhere in fl tbh.

    ALSO hasan is absolutely right abt floridas existence hinging upon climate change denial. i see mfs building suburbs in swamps every day . every builder is in denial abt the fact that when sea levels rise the majority of the state is going under.

  7. Anti-Theistocles says:

    12:50 those people exist everywhere. The sunshine laws just make it seem like they are more common here. I lived in ohio. Trust and believe more crazies live there than florida. Plus all the crazy people move here because of desantis and floridian laws.

  8. Jamie H says:

    that commenter might be onto something with their theory about hookworm. there are higher rates of hookworm in areas that were late to install plumbing, where outhouses were used for longer. really weird theory but im here for it

  9. Billy Barbosa says:

    I’m a hyper lib and my gf said let’s move to Florida and I said no for over a year until something very traumatic happened to her and we eventually moved down to this hot bowl of vomit for our new place to live. Someone please help me

  10. Chelsea Hudson says:

    I worked in a hospital in Gainesville, Florida. All of our patients from the Villages were KNOWN for having STDs. They were all swingers with one another and never used protection.

    The worst patients LOL

  11. Th1nkCr1tical says:

    So I do have to admit there's astounding natural beauty in Florida for sure like living here you get to breathe the fresh air everyday and understand how fragile human life can be and appreciate it. But once The religious fanaticism gets mixed in it just becomes so nutty.

  12. mars illustrations says:

    The reason I know ur right about the Fl parasite is because I was raised in Cape Coral until I was 24 and I still have libertarian brain tendencies sometimes (I’m a socialist tho, I just had to learn)

  13. Lavender Rae says:

    from miami been in florida my whole life and been to every town, city, county here . can confirm the Villages is the freakiest thing i’ve ever seen people drive with pineapples and shower loofahs to signify how they tryna have sex , color coded like “x color” would mean i’m down for a orgy etc etc

  14. Nate Wesley says:

    Lol the villages my grandpa and grandma live there and my parents are moving there within the year I’ve been there a couple times and it’s what u expect super trump land and it fucking sucks

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