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Buffalo Bills đã lập kỷ lục nhượng quyền về số trận thắng trong mùa giải thường xuyên trong mùa giải 2022. Trong tập hôm nay, Joe Marino cùng với Joe Miller của Buffalo Rumbles để xếp hạng các chiến thắng trong mùa giải thường xuyên của Buffalo Bills năm 2022 theo thứ tự hài lòng nhất đến ít hài lòng nhất. Theo dõi & Đăng ký trên tất cả các nền tảng Podcast… 🎧 Đã khóa trên NFL League-Wide: Mọi đội, Tưởng tượng, Dự thảo và hơn thế nữa 🎧

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Ranking the Buffalo Bills 13 Regular Seasons Wins in 2022
Ranking the Buffalo Bills 13 Regular Seasons Wins in 2022

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#Ranking #Buffalo #Bills #Regular #Seasons #Wins.


Ranking the Buffalo Bills 13 Regular Seasons Wins in 2022.

nobody swept this street last week.

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19 thoughts on “Ranking the Buffalo Bills 13 Regular Seasons Wins in 2022 | Tổng hợp những kiến thức liên quan đến nobody swept this street last week đúng nhất

  1. Paul Deck says:

    I just can't…..this season sucked for me since the 2nd half against GB cuz that's when we started sliding and I knew we weren't getting #1 seed….and then as the season progressed and the problems never resolved, in fact sometimes getting worse….then Von goes does….and I knew the season was over, no SB…..but that's all schematics, coaching game strategy, things that should have been 1-2 week fixes, not problems all season long, yet they didn't even try to fix the problems even while acknowledging them….I can't get over that we already have to rebuild cuz Cincy passed us while we were busy chasing KC, and now we're past peak, and the necessary moves still aren't being made….here's hoping Josh gets at least one in his career, I believe in him

  2. Christopher Smith says:

    1. Chiefs(clutch GW drive and INT by Johnson, pic Mahomes 2x) 2. Dolphins(snow globe game, decided AFC East) 3. Rams (stomp defending champs on kickoff classic) 4. Titans(we owed them. Complete domination. Diggs 3TDs) 5. Lions(Thanksgiving thriller, and 2nd win in a week after snowstorm. Allen to Diggs throw was clutch to set up GWFG).

  3. Vito Brinzo says:

    Joe, I love statistics, my whole life as long as your show continues to give analytics and statistics. You have me forever keep those coming.

  4. tricktaylor1983 says:

    Week 1 was the most satisfying win for me. We came out on fire and stomped the reigning nfl champs at home on national tv to open the season. That Pittsburgh win was oddly satisfying too. The way gabe got involved felt like he might get it together and that the deep ball was back…
    Peaked way too early. We were peaking last season when the playoff began and kept rolling right into this season still peaking through the first few weeks.
    Yes, an 8 game win streak to close the regular season sounds like a team peaking but they weren't at their best and everyone knew it.
    However, that's a good thing! We managed to go 13-3 breaking in a new offensive coordinator and dealing with a slew of injuries including ones to von miller and josh allen, without a solid 2nd weapon on offense, with an extra road game and a near-death on-field incident. Minus that event who knows what happens? You either hold the 1 seed and are likely facing kc at home this weekend or you lose and get this past weekend's loss out of our system and are playing cincy in Cincy this weekend. But it happened.
    I still can't believe they canceled that game. Who didn't know he'd be fine?

  5. Vito Brinzo says:

    If you look at all the games with the Buffalo office was powerful and scary they all had one thing in common and that one thing is he Josh Allen or the quarterback plan ones we haven’t seen no quarterback planned ones in the last four games that actually puts fire on the Josh Allen we need Josh Allen to run the ball. I blame Ken Dorsey for that. I blame Ken Dorsey for being one dimensional they look the same every single game the same place to see if it snows. What are you doing? Where are the flare routes? where are the screen passes where did you wanna place? Where is the Josh Allen lunch? Where is it down in notes where it is found it is there’s so much that the office is not doing I’ll give Dorothy one more year to stop calling an infinite amount of schemes and place otherwise I’ll cool for his head.

  6. mazzvidz says:

    I’ve been worried about this team for a few years now. It’s long been apparent that the roster is being built backwards.

    Why on a team with a defensive HC and full of so called defensive genius coaches and position coaches… are the vast majority of resources being spent on the defensive side of the ball?

    The roster building makes no sense.

    There’s no #2 WR, no Slot, no TE2, no LG, no RT, no RB1 and the play of the Center and LT is starting to decline.

    They have built this roster like they don’t have a window with an elite franchise QB and must rely on defense to win. It’s preposterous.

    The Bills front office needs to make an immediate course correction. Trade Oliver, Milano, Epinessa and Bashum and whoever else they can get draft capital for… and stock this offense with elite protection and weapons.

    Let the so called defensive geniuses do more with less for a change. Let them coach and scheme up lesser talent for once.

    The overarching philosophy of this team needs to change. Force the opposition to score 50 to keep up with our offense to beat them. It’s nice having 3 good units, that may be good enough to get to the playoffs, but you need an elite unit to win it all. We have the elite QB and WR1… it’s time to put more elite talent around them.

  7. Vito Brinzo says:

    The expectations of many players, that you are questioning now or very high at the beginning of the season why were they so high think about it? How did you come to the conclusion that these players we’re going to perform at a high-level in my eyes they were just expectations driven by emotions, rather than fact , so please explain why the high expectations in the beginning of the season
    Joe, do you have a lot of analytics well analytical statistics of those players that you are questioning now take a look at the analytic statistics before the season began did you still or do you still believe that your expectations were correct show us the analytics I’ll be questionable players, and then maybe we can’t believe why the high expectations
    The way I read it Greg Rousseau totally unproven. Do you need to play his senior year James Cook used sparingly at Georgia do you know Davis is not a true wide receiver do you know Josh Allen completion ratio is not an upper echelon. You know Milano misses thousands of tackles do you know the history of the bills and then this tackles you know the history of the defense giving up the big place Why what the expectations so high at the beginning of the season? I still need to see the analytics on all the players that on question today.

  8. Vito Brinzo says:

    The expectations at the beginning of the season was very high. Why was a very high at the end of the season you are questioning a lot of players, abilities and performers. What gave you the impression that the players that did not perform at the end we are supposed to perform in the beginning or from the beginning a plant is a plant either. They’re good or they’re not tell me why did you have those expectations of players all those high expectations

  9. Mark Roth says:

    I don't think the Bengals have pulled past the Bills, more like they pulled even. The bigger difference to me is that Cinci most likely had a much (much much) bigger chip on their shoulders due to the way everyone was writing them off.
    And of course, as Joe Miller says along the way, "what? I blinked." We weren't supposed to blink. I got the impression that we felt like we were entitled to move on in the playoffs.
    In a nutshell, if the Bills v Bengals Monday night game didn't end up stopped in horror, I think they would have taken us there. In that case Cinci should have been hosting the games, not the other way around. Maybe we could have taken them in that case but IDK, they just looked so good last Sunday.
    Honestly though, losing to a really good team, yeah, sucks to lose but at least we didn't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
    It's a pleasure to hear all the joy of the "most satisfying wins" from both of you.

    Go Bills!

  10. Mel Lopez says:

    I believe the bills can win a Super Bowl if they make a head coach change , they need a Tom coughlin like coach , hard but coach who knows how to win the games that matter …

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