Nội dung của bài viết này sẽ viết về nobody swept this street last week. Nếu bạn đang quan tâm về nobody swept this street last week thì hãy cùng celadoncity.com.vn tìm hiểu về chủ đề nobody swept this street last week trong bài viết The FINAL Street Fighter V Tier List này nhé.

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Tại celadoncity.com.vn bạn có thể cập nhật những thông tin khác ngoài nobody swept this street last week để có thêm nhiều sự hiểu biết bổ ích cho chính bạn. Tại website CeladonCity, chúng tôi luôn update các nội dung mới và chính xác mỗi ngày cho bạn, với hy vọng sẽ đóng góp nội dung chuẩn nhất cho bạn. Giúp người dùng có thể nắm bắt kiến thức trên internet một cách đúng nhất.

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Thế là xong – với Street Fighter 6 sắp ra mắt, đã đến lúc nhìn lại meta của Street Fighter V lần cuối! Ai cai trị gốc rễ, và ai đấu tranh khó khăn nhất? …được rồi, những câu đó có thể dễ trả lời… nhưng phần giữa thực sự thú vị! #brian_f #streetfighter #sfv Được chỉnh sửa bởi Brain Genius Academy: Tôi được tài trợ bởi CLG: CLG: CLG FGC: CLG FGC Youtube: 0:00 – Giới thiệu 1:25 – Abigail 2:19 – Akuma 3:05 – Alex 4: 05 – Balrog 5:22 – Birdie 6:54 – Blanka 8:05 – Cammy 9:14 – Chun Li 10:22 – Cody 12:10 – Dan 13:39 – Dhalsim 14:47 – E. Honda 15:49 – Ed 17:53 – Falke 19:00 – FANG 20:27 – Gill 21:59 – G 23:44 – Guile 24:37 – Ibuki 25:40 – Juri 27:02 – Kage 28:13 – Karin 29:07 – Ken 30:53 – Kolin 32:24 – Laura 34:01 – Lucia 35:30 – M. Bison 36:17 – Menat 37:20 – Nash 38:27 – Necalli 39:32 – Poison 41:32 – R. Mika 42:27 – Rashid 43:33 – Ryu 44:36 – Sagat 45:37 – Sakura 46:46 – Seth 47:57 – Urien 48:59 – Vega 50:03 – Zangief 51:33 – Zeku 52:53 – Hoa hồng 53:56 – Akira 55:53 – Oro 57:39 – Luke 1:00:22 – Kết luận 🎥 Dòng Twitch: Twitter: Mặt trận cửa hàng Amazon: Liên kết chi nhánh của Amazon: ☕ mã khuyến mãi BRIANF giảm giá 15% cho cà phê của bạn ☕ Yêu thích của tôi cà phê: 🎧 Tai nghe:

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The FINAL Street Fighter V Tier List
The FINAL Street Fighter V Tier List

Ngoài việc khám phá tin tức về The FINAL Street Fighter V Tier List mà bạn đang tìm kiếm này thì bạn có thể đọc thêm những thông tin khác mà Celadon City cập nhật hằng ngày ngay dưới đây nhé !!

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#FINAL #Street #Fighter #Tier #List.

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The FINAL Street Fighter V Tier List.

nobody swept this street last week.

Chúng tôi rất mong với một vài tin tức về nobody swept this street last week mà CeladonCity gửi đến bạn sẽ giúp cho bạn có thêm nhiều kiến thức mới và hy vọng sẽ bổ ích cho bạn. Xin cảm tạ bạn đã đọc đề tài về nobody swept this street last week của CeladonCity.

45 thoughts on “The FINAL Street Fighter V Tier List | Tổng hợp những nội dung về nobody swept this street last week mới cập nhật

  1. José Santos says:

    As a current Nash main, and former Alex main, I can guaratee you that alex is not one "step" below nash. Alex has a lot of tools and some decent plus frames pressure and mix ups. Nash has basically no plus frame nor any kind of anti air (he has, but it is not much at all). It's a much tougher character to play with. Still, I insist in playing him bc a think I'm learning more with a tougher character, consistency, execution and reaction wise.

    Anyways, I know it is just a tier list with arguble placing, like any tier list, but just wanted to speak my frustations. Btw I am ultra silver hell D:

  2. Enosk97 says:

    "her dp is wonky, she has that spin dp that sometimes doesn't work properly, she helicopter into the air, and whiff and dies"

    Yeah, I felt that… Lucia, poor little girl

  3. MethodCafe says:

    I just started playing the game a few weeks ago, but even my inexperienced ass could tell just from playing against the 30000 kens in bronze that there's no way that Ken was not an excellent character. Great list!

  4. J T says:

    Just recently picked up the game and don't get all the terminology yet as well as how and when to use all the features, but I enjoyed this tier list. I mainly just practice using Ken and do his combo trials just to get some mechanics down. Then I play against CPU Ken on a 6 or 7 difficulty to work on my reaction time. Really just playing SFV to hopefully make it easier to pick up SF6 when it drops as I haven't played a fighting game since SF2

  5. Rob CCoy says:

    I play Abigail. When I match up against Luke, I honestly don't even take the character seriously. Kinda how I see Zangief. It doesn't mean he sucks. I just don't think he's as strong as some people think. It's all about strategy.

  6. Lorenzo Eskirol says:

    Tier Lists don't matter, but is a good resource for new players like me to see a global perspective of characters from a experienced player =) so, thanks
    just picked sf5 on sale to practice for sf6, im more into 3d fg and there is so much new stuff to learn beside the chars, the seasons changes and the 2d basics mechanics (i finally know what is a meaty! 🙂 )

  7. DGW 404 says:

    Removing invincibility from ex spd was so bad I stopped playing sf5. Season 5 was too late to learn a new character if u were a gief specialist. It’s such a hard thing to explain to people who don’t play gief. What made it unfair is that ex spd is not as good as ex dp, but ex dp remained in invincible. Ex dp got buffed with vshift because every character with an ex dp was given another escape option thus making ex dp more unpredictable. U see so many more ex dps now. U cannot be jabbed out of ex dp. Ex dp hits airborne opponents. Some characters can cancel their ex dp with vtrig activations. Ex spd invincibility only beats throw. It’s far less useful and is equally punished vs ex dp. If they had made ex spd crush counterable I would not have been so mad. Removing the throw invincibility was wayyy too far. Removing throw invincible spd killed his defense. Top 5 nerf in sf history.

  8. Obsolescent Mystic says:

    Brian taking a stance against the Ryu propagandists is great. As someone who plays the character, a lot of Ryu players are lying through their teeth so hard.

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