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Robin và Barney là câu chuyện tình yêu tuyệt vời của How I Met Your Mother. Vậy làm thế nào mà sự lãng mạn của họ tan vỡ mặc dù họ có vẻ giống như hai hạt đậu trong một cái vỏ? Điều gì sẽ là một điểm cuối tốt hơn cho những đôi uyên ương độc đáo này? Trong video này, chúng ta sẽ thảo luận về những thăng trầm trong chuyện tình lãng mạn của Robin/Barney và nơi họ kết thúc. Nếu bạn thích video này, hãy đăng ký kênh của chúng tôi hoặc ủng hộ chúng tôi trên Patreon: Theo dõi The Take trên Instagram: Twitter: và Facebook: Chúng tôi là The Take (trước đây là ScreenPrism).

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Why Robin and Barney Went Wrong - How I Met Your Mother
Why Robin and Barney Went Wrong – How I Met Your Mother

Ngoài việc khám phá thông tin về Why Robin and Barney Went Wrong – How I Met Your Mother mà bạn đang theo dõi này thì bạn có thể tìm hiểu thêm nhiều nội dung khác mà CeladonCity cập nhật liên tục ngay dưới đây nhé !!

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Why Robin and Barney Went Wrong – How I Met Your Mother.

what does your mother look like.

Hy vọng với một số giá trị về what does your mother look like mà chúng tôi cung cấp tới bạn sẽ có thể giúp bạn có thêm một vài thông tin mới và hy vọng sẽ có ích cho bạn. Xin chân thành cảm tạ bạn đã xem đề tài về what does your mother look like của Celadon City.

30 thoughts on “Why Robin and Barney Went Wrong – How I Met Your Mother | Tổng quát những kiến thức nói về what does your mother look like chính xác nhất

  1. Hamdi Ali hassan says:

    I 100% agree with this take. Barney & Robin should’ve had an open and non-commited relationship where they’re together when they’re together and with other people when they’re apart. That would’ve totally worked for them.

  2. Gowthaman jaiganesh says:

    Barney and nora deserved to be ending. Coz he skipped a heartbeat on seeing Nora. Imagine Barney changing and Nora helping him. I don't know why Ted was shown the same. Why can't we see Ted changing and accepting fact women can be career oriented . This makes me to hate Ted. I would go with idea 1. Robin loved Ted but the thing is Ted was obsessed with settling down and kids. She felt insecure of Ted.

  3. M jerez says:

    I don't see it as a surrender from Robin. They joined them when Robin already did an achieved everything she wanted. There is a time for everything in this live and when you getting older you aldo getting lonely if there is no family or couple. So I see it as the best option for that time of their lives.

  4. Rach says:

    I feel like Barney and robin were both so aggressively independent that the idea of needing to be dependent wrecked them – they seem like they’d do the best in a polyamorous relationshup

  5. neo says:

    the only two endings i want is that Swarkles is endgame or that robin did not end up with ted because she deserves better than that, i would rather have her be single and independent

  6. Yacine TALEB says:

    This video illustrates very well why the Barney/Robin couple was a false good idea. Just because two people have a lot in common doesn't mean they should end up as a couple. Real life is not a dumb algorithm. The result is that this awkward relationship has damaged the coherence of each of the two characters.

  7. Tony Miram Perme says:

    In my mind i think Ted made all about the woman she married after Robin rejected him he becomes sad and lonely for lifetime. And when Barney died he tried to gain Robin again.

  8. Y Derga says:

    Robin: Ted I cant be with you because you want love and commitment, I cant be tied down to those things.

    Also Robin: Barney I want love and commitment, let's get married.

    Also, also Robin: Barney I can't be with you because you wanted love and commitment and I can't commit myself to anybody. We need to get divorced.

    Also, also, also Robin: Ted I want love and commitment, let's get married and ill be the stepmother to your children.

    "qUaLLittyy Weriitigng"

  9. Mohamed Baradji says:

    Ted wanted Robin to give up everything and accept something that she didn’t want or wasn’t ready for. Barney wanted Robin as she was and for them to grow together. Idk why the writers made Ted so obsessed with Robin

  10. Blake Frazier says:

    I didn't want Robin and Barney together. Barney only wanted her cause ted did. Robin getting together with him after knowing how gross Barney was/is. For talking bout the bro code, Barney broke most of his own rules. Getting with his best friends ex. Hitting on Ted's mom. Trying to get with lily too. Barney, irl, would've been out of that group so fast.

  11. Bobby C says:

    Their are very similar and perfect, there are is a difference between them robin is nice and has a conscience and remorse and Barney is a rude arrogant jerk who only thinks about anyone but himself.

  12. Ana Laura Nicoli says:

    I personally think that Barney and Robin were never meant to be, not only because of the reasons mentioned in the video, but because on top of that, they never trusted each other the necessary to be married. Up until the end, Robin was clinging on the fact that her soon-to-be-husband didn't find a locket buried in a park 20 years ago, as if that was a sign. To me, it just represented how much she felt she was making a bad choice. Maybe to get married at all. She and Barney had one of the best friendships in the show because they were so similar, and it's really sad that in the end we're left with the impression that she resents him.

    Now, I don't think Ted's the main reason they broke up. They had different views on what a relationship should be like, but that's not only Ted's view, it's almost everyone's. It is a social expectation. It's not fair to blame him for the end of their marriage. In fact, I don't think Ted ever forced Robin into being someone she was not. He let her go in the second season to never be with her again until the last episode. And that's why I don't think the pairing in the end was so bad (the development that led to it, on the other hand, was terrible). Plus, the stepped aside when he realized how happy she was with someone else. Ted was never selfish on that matter, on wanting Robin to himself. In fact, I don't think he was always in love with Robin. I really believe he loved only Tracy during the time they were together, even more than he had ever loved Robin while they were in their relationship. The thing is, as his wife dies (which by the way pisses me off that they didn't show Ted mourning), he goes back to the person he'd known, admired and loved for so much of his life. And there is something really sweet about that. It's not necessary to have them married afterward, I just think that it makes more sense than Robin and Barney because they actually trust each other – and many times during the show it's hinted that Robin might be liking Ted again, or that appreciates his attention with her, especially the last season.

    The writers shouldn't have reset Barney and Robin the way they did, as if they hadn't grown anything in those 9 years plus the 3 years they were married. It's like they were in season one all over again, with Barney hitting on girls with his playbook and Robin with her 6 dogs. Robin got what she want, she became successful in her career, they shouldn't have made her miserable. And if they wanted to "make it realistic" by showing the gang broken up, they could have showed what they had hinted the entire series, that life, as is always does, has you apart from the people you know, because each of you grow into your own lives (family, job, etc.), and not have the group end because of a divorce or because one of them prioritized their career, as it was a bad thing. That doesn't feel like HIMYM.

  13. Albert Elnen says:

    Basically they divorced cause the hotels had ,ousy wi fi. He wanted her to be a successful journalist. He already had money. The blog was a hobby.

  14. Juanita Jones says:

    If the series was a retelling of "Love in the Time of Cholera", I don't see how Barney and Robin should have ended up with each other by the finale. The series had hinted numerous times that it was a retelling of the novel. What the hell did you expect? And besides, there was always something forced about Robin and Barney, whenever they were romantically involved. Every time I think of their dance number at that museum party in Season Five or Six and I just want to cringe.

  15. Vinnie the bee says:

    They could've definitely work out their marriage. Its a disservice to their character development that they get divorced just 3 years into their marriage.

  16. Fooz Almirabi says:

    I hate how people think of Tracy’s death as something realistic and actually logical for the story but they think the opposite way of Robin and Barney’s divorce,divorcing is realistic too and it was logical
    Realistic:lots of love stories end with divorcing not just with passing away
    Logical:if Ted was telling the story to make sure his kids are okay with him dating Robin,of course he won’t do it if Robin was married to Barney so their divorce also makes sense
    Also it’s not necessary all love stories end with one of the couples passing away,is it that hard to put a happy ending?

  17. x_blank__ says:

    They didn't have a problem with each other except not fitting in the expectations of relationships but then again is that really a problem?
    In my opnion the point of relationships is to make you happier and to embrace the other for whatever they are, which they were doing perfectly fine.
    In my opnion what ruined thier relationship is the pressure and burden that society – in thier life embodied in Ted, Lily and Marshall – puts on people to fit into a certain stereotype if they love each other.
    It's another example of how social norms screw someone up and make them doubt themselves if they have a different way to do stuff.
    Though you do you and you should stop listening to them but doing something in a different way from everyone around you makes you doubt yourself and whether you're doing it wrong.
    No love or marriage no matter how strong it is would be put under that much pressure and still thrive.

  18. Rosie Rennie says:

    "Why Robin and Barney Went Wrong" I can save you all nineteen wasted minutes; Because of the writers. They went wrong because of the writers – Just like Game of Thrones went wrong because of the writers

    Because all the writers want is money. They didnt care they wrecked things for the viewers, they just thought about the next paycheck they were getting and we were the ones who suffered for it

  19. frankinsane and myrrh says:

    I'll never forget that episode where Ted was complaining that Robin never let him feel "needed" because she was so independent. She goes to Barney and he basically tells her that's what's so great about her. And that's the whole point. How could she possibly be better suited to Ted?

  20. BakoymaTravels says:

    I still think if two people could have made a lasting relationship work it would be these two. Simply because they really SAW each other, none of them prescribed to the A4-lifestyle much and they respected each other. It seriously annoyed me that Barney's character had to "see the light" and become a father and Robin ended up with Ted after they CLEARLY are ill-suited to each other. She even ended up being a stepmom to his two kids, so basically the only way to truly be happy is to embrace the traditional way of life.

    I am still picturing Barney and Robin following each other around the world, child free and adventurous, loving each others company <3

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